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MoveinBlue is the new way to plan your trips!
No more endless web searching, no more planning hassle.
Just choose your preferred destinations and things to do in Spain, invite your trip mates to plan it all together, and voilà!

Let's Plan your next trip! Let's MoveinBlue.

How MoveinBlue works


Activities you can do in destination by category

Bottom for plannit

Select the destination you want to visit in Spain. Drag the activities you want to do from “The Showroom” and drop them into “The Bag”.
Any trip mate can add and remove activities and destinations independently.
When you are ready to plan your trip, you can go to the planner by clicking on the “Plan It” button.


To make your plan, drag each activity from “The Bag” and drop it on the day you want to do it.
To organize each day’s activities, click on the “Day View” link.
You can go back to “The Showroom” at any time to select more activities to add to your plan.

Agenda view

And that’s all, folks!
You are ready to enjoy your trip to Spain! Just remember to print the plan you made by simply going to the agenda view.